Carol Fuchs

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Carol Fuchs — Editor, Writer, Teacher.

Carol Fuchs started editing as an undergraduate in Georgia, where she was an editor of both poetry and fiction for the Sand Hills Literary Magazine. Then, while a graduate student in both English and Professional Writing at the University of Southern California, she was the fiction editor and then the editor-in-chief of the Southern California Anthology. During this time, she was also a book reviewer for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and the writing consultant for the Annenberg School of Communication (at USC), where she helped doctoral candidates whip their dissertations into shape.

As the associate editor for White Whisker Books, Ms. Fuchs has had the great honor to edit books by such luminaries as Shelly Lowenkopf (Love Makes You Drink and GambleStay Out Late at Night and The Fiction Writer’s Handbook), David Scott Milton (Iron City and The Fat Lady Sings), E Van Lowe (the Falling Angels Saga – a four-book series – and The Secrets of Love and Death), Christopher Meeks (Love at Absolute Zero, A Death in Vegas, Blood Drama, and more) and others.

As a writer, Ms. Fuchs has written three non-fiction books for the school/library market, a number of textbooks for the allied health field, articles for magazines and newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, as well as poetry and fiction for various literary journals.

Ms. Fuchs has spent nearly thirty years as an English professor, which keeps her editing skills honed in between projects.